Core, Strength And Fat Burn Workout

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Full body workout

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Workout Summary :

  1. Main Goal is : Lose Fat
  2. Workout Type : Full Body
  3. Training Level : Intermediate
  4. Days Per Week : 6
  5. Equipments : Barbell, Bodyweight, Dumbbells, Other
  6. Target to : Male & Female
  7. Author : Gary Sethi

Workout Description :

After 8 months of trial and error, using my body as a guinea pig, experimenting with this routine, with that routine, different foods, supplements; all of this lead me to the following workout I am sharing with you.

I train 6 days per week, with a focus on core strength, calisthenics and cardio. My aim is to build a muscular physique over a long period of time, but also keeping my athleticism. I am not a fan of having all these muscles if they can’t be put to use.

I also like sensible training. Honestly, in the real world when will I be curling my bicep on a daily basis? So doing this makes no sense to me.

I would like to mention that it’s also important to keep setting little goals. You also want to increase overall strength, and be challenged whilst staying motivated and excited.

Core, Strength And Fat Burn Workout :

Full body (main muscles) and core workouts are performed every other day, with a lighter session working smaller muscles on the “off” days. There is one complete day of rest on Sunday. I also stretch for flexibility before each workout, a solid 15 – 20 minute stint.

  • Day 1 – Full Body and Core
  • Day 2 – “Light” Sessions
  • Day 3 – Full Body and Core
  • Day 4 – “Light” Sessions
  • Day 5 – Full Body and Core
  • Day 6 – “Light” Sessions
  • Day 7 – REST

Full BodyFull Body 2

AMAN =​ As many sets as needed. Get to 100 reps total using any number of sets. (Q: What is AMAN)

Deadlift, Squat and Bench Press Sets :

Deadlifts, squats, bench press sets work as follows:

  • Set 1 – Light
  • Set 2 – Medium
  • Set 3 – Heavy
  • Set 4 – Max weight for the day @ 10-12 reps
  • Set 5 – Medium
  • Set 6 – Light

For example, if your max bench press set was 225 x 10-12 reps, a sample approach might be:

  • Set 1 – Bench Press 135 x 10-12 reps – Light set
  • Set 2 – Bench Press 160 x 10-12 reps – Medium set
  • Set 3 – Bench Press 180 x 10-12 reps – Heavy set
  • Set 4 – Bench Press 225 x 10-12 reps – Max set
  • Set 5 – Bench Press 160 x 10-12 reps – Medium set
  • Set 6 – Bench Press 135 x 10-12 reps – Light set

Cardio :

Alternate between interval (HIIT) and low intensity cardio. 500 meter intervals are performed as fast as possible, in a HIIT cardio fashion. The next training day you will perform a long rowing session of 4-6 kms at a comfortable, steady pace. You may also substitute in any cardio form of choice including swimming, sprinting and running, etc.

Notes :

Ultimately, the goal of this workout is to build a powerful core, lean muscle, and to burn body fat. Remember that what you feed/fuel yourself with will either aid or hinder your results. I keep track of food intake and eat extremely well to fuel my body. Because of this my recovery is solid.

Also, I recommend doing additional cardio outside the realm of this routine. Play sports and stay active. Your results will continue to come.


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