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Gary Sethi is breaking stereotypes. As the first South Asian Sardar Fitness trailblazer, he is taking the fitness and modeling world by storm. His goal is simple – inspire every South Asian to be healthy and fit, while showcasing South Asian Sardars in a positive light. Within that goal, Gary works to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of individual fitness programs.

Arsenal are just shit. Don't even feel bad for them anymore. Team has no passion nor drive. Pic says it all @Gary_Sethi 0 0
Déjà vu for #afc fans? 🤣
Gary Sethi
Déjà vu for #afc fans? 🤣
@Gary_Sethi 0 0
@OfficialEvy1602 Looks like dejavu for gunner fans again @Gary_Sethi 0 0
Sane alone is literally shattering #AFC
All by himself #mcfc

Gary Sethi
@OfficialEvy1602 Haha brutal but true @Gary_Sethi 0 0
Chelsea with some good opportunities so far. Barca look shaky when back peddling. #CHEBAR Gary Sethi
Did Someone Say #YearOfDog 🐶 #ChineseNewYear
Someone Say #YearOfDog 🐶 #ChineseNewYear”
Gary Sethi
O +1s 0 0 0 Gary Sethi
+1s 0 0 0 Gary Sethi
The GetSerious Project will be launching an 8-Week Transformational Fitness Contest which is an innovative way to help you reach your Fitness goal. The proposed commence date is; Monday 25th March. We have collaborated with Fitness Icon Gary Sethi who ... GarySethi

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